Katharina Bless, [Feb 12, 2021 at 8:12 PM]
The Solar Holon
A Hathor Planetary Meditation
Through Tom Kenyon

We are giving information about The Solar Holon at this time because you are collectively entering a profound and precarious transition in planetary consciousness.

As with all perception, knowledge gained is relative to the perspective from which a situation is viewed.

We are no different from you in this regard. It is just that we view your predicament and potentials from other dimensions of consciousness.

We have various perspectives on your situation. We will make this as succinct as possible in order to get to the Sound Mediation. But we feel these perspectives can be of assistance to you.

Soโ€ฆlet us begin the beguine, for everything in the universe is a dance of light, energy, and matter.

From the perspective of the highest dimensions we have attained, which we call the Aethos, there is no conflict. All polarities are resolved in the infinite expanse of equanimity. Thus, from this perspective, all that unfolds in your experience upon your Earth is a transient display of light and energy and is dreamlike in its nature. It has no substance. It is a magical display of Cosmic Mind.

However, things get โ€œa bit stickyโ€ as consciousness descends from this lofty dimension into the buffeting of subatomic particlesโ€”the collisions of light, energy, and matter that are the Atomic Whirling Dervishes responsible for your sensory world. Indeed, from the perspective of embodiment upon your Earth, equanimity of mind is sometimes hard to find.

Getting more down to Earth, so to speak, you are in the midst of massive Chaotic Nodes. Some of these are affecting your climate, your oceans, your ecosystem, your politics, your social disorder, and the very existence of civilization as you have known it. Be not disheartened by this avalanche of change for it is truly, and most definitively, an opportunity to evolve at an accelerated rate.

Those who refuse to evolve will devolve. Riding the winds of change to your spiritual advantage is, from all our perspectives, a prudent thing to do.

One of the great difficulties in this planetary transition is that your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual vitalities can be greatly depleted. We refer here to the vitality of your KA (your subtle energy body) and your KHAT (your physical body). This loss of vitality can affect you on multiple levels and in complex ways.

From all our perspectives, with the exception of the Aethos, which views all phenomena as a dream, you are in for more difficult and challenging times.

And yet in the midst of such pressures, you can extract diamonds. These diamonds are not of this Earth but are birthed from your own consciousness as you deal with the complexities of your earthly life. Engaging your life from a slightly elevated position in consciousness is all that is required to begin the cascade of accelerated evolution.

This is where The Solar Holon can assist youโ€ฆto give you an edge over the demoralizing and depleting effects of coping with multiple and very complex Chaotic Nodes.

There are many things we could offer you at this time, but we have chosen The Solar Holon because it is a form of etheric fire. And it has the ability to purify and transform consciousness simultaneously. It is a very efficient tool for accelerating your own evolution.

We imparted this method to the priests and priestesses at the Temple of Dendara in ancient Egypt. It generated in them profoundly elevated states of consciousness whereby they could communicate with us directly. And it allowed them to revitalize themselves for the ascent of consciousness.

The meditation uses a drum and the interaction of three vocalizations that transmit sound codes.

There are three forms of working with The Solar Holon we wish to explain.
go to: https://tomkenyon.com/listening
and to find the article to: https://tomkenyon.com/hathors-archives

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